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My  Story

Hi. Welcome to my website!

I'm a Vancouver-based creative studying my Masters of Management at the University of British Columbia and traveling the world as an athlete and storyteller. I grew up in Mexico and Brazil before moving to Canada when I was 17 years old. I've had the privilege to study a couple terms abroad in Spain and China; hence my passion for travel and why I have been able to make some of the photos and videos you've been seeing here.

My passion is to combine analytical and creative thinking to develop impactful and compelling stories that move people to take action. I believe that the reason behind what we create is just as important as the creation itself, in other words, the world is full of amazing ideas, but an idea is only as good as it's execution.

With time I've realized that when I'm excited over something, there's nothing that can hold me back. This is my driving force and shows who I am as a creator and human being; I perform my best when I do what I love; video, photography, design -- alongside with my favorite sports.

As an athlete, I truly believe that there is power in people who dream big and work hard together. As a photographer and filmmaker, I distinguish the impact of visuals in telling a story and creating emotion. As someone pursuing a profession in the marketing industry, I recognize the significance of strategy and innovation.When all these are brought together, value-creation becomes an attainable and worthy goal. That's my purpose.

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